Certain Webpages Down. Error 520


Hey everybody, sometime overnight the website has stopped working correctly. I just uploaded a video tutorial on Youtube and somebody said the site wasn’t working for them so I tried myself. I can still get to the homepage, and a few other pages (like the forum) but all other pages including the downloads are throwing an error at me. Please fix this quickly.


Works fine here, seems like a service provider (DNS) issue. This only affect the main website, the rest of the infrastructure (forum, downloads) are ok.


Thanks for replying. Oddly enough the problem just stopped and I can again access the download page. It was weird though only select pages would load.


Probably a cache issue in the browser.


I don’t think so, I tried 2 different browsers on my desktop and one on my phone. And I was alerted to the problem by somebody else. Either way, glad it’s gone.