Can Natron be used to something like Adobe Premiere?


I’m on Linux and I’ve been searching for an alternative. I tried every Open Source softwares for video editing and they just don’t work for me. Natron might work because you can play with nodes which means options are like limitless. I do a lot of multimedia so I will do greenscreens, VFX, 3D, play with filters, do transitions, adding texts, camera tracking, things like that. I use Blender as for my 3D application but I know the Natron devs are working on a 3D space. I didn’t use Natron yet so I don’t know everything what you can do with it, but I truly can’t wait to try it!


Natron is not (and will probably never be) an NLE like Premiere. It is more like After Effects in that it’s designed to work on one shot at a time.


Ok thank you having an After Effect on Linux will be enough.


If I had to make a comparison, Natron is basically an open source version of Nuke. For editing, the best open source I’ve seen is Kdenlive. If you’re okay with closed source on Linux, Lightworks is the way to go for editing. Natron is amazing for VFX work. Lots of good tutorials out there these days too.


The thing is Kdenlive is really buggy, I use the latest version and it either crash or when I play with the timeline it lags badly, and you can’t even add any text but just titles. As for Lightworks you have to pay every month or by year which I cannot afford. There’s Davinci Resolve 14 maybe…

EDIT: I’ve found the reason why it was buggy, the Appimage they have is broken, so what I did is find a ppa and download it from there.