Can add new feature (minor) manager plugin inside natron?



i think, to be COOL: add new feature for natron (minor):
manager plugins
new menu, (simple dialog) this dialog will be connect to server ( for add new plugin manual, like as example other software similar:
blender : addons
firefox: extention (addons)
kde plasma :widget adds (plasmoid)
kdenlive: addons various :wipes, titles, export render profiles, etc

so i think for natron will be COOL for plugins wil be add from ( and will be official center addons (not know what is name right, team develop will can new name for plugin center… or manager plugin inside natron and connect direct server to ( but is a idea ok?

this is not bad IDEA but its COOL…

thank you


I like your idea, something to think about (for the future) :slight_smile:


me too i like it because it’s comfortable!
but will be need add to github issue for feature? you can add issue in github or devernay ?

thank you

What about having a Pyplug repository?

No need to add it to github yet. This is something for the future, and keeping it on the forum is ok for now.