Audio2ascii Natron Plugin version 2 (Linux, MacOSX, Windows )


Hi all

Audio2ascii plugins is out in version 2 is out.
It can now run under Windows,Linux, MacOSX.
If you want to animate some videos with audio like in this examples, test it !

Thanks to olear for AudioCurve windows binaries



A little update a bug in windows installer


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Update to 2.0.2 version to fix some install bug and improve minor gui icon when preview play


I would like to use this but have trouble with the dependencies. Any chance of this being made into a standalone binary on OSX?




What is the dependencies error ?
On Osx, you can use the ‘’ bash script, which is use by the pyplug, as standalone.
You use it like this:

$ ./audio2ascii audioFile fileCurve.ascii [x|y|xy] NatronProjectFps durationInFrames [CurveHeightInX] [CurveLenghtInY]

You need to install gawk sox as mentioned in the requirement

Hope it help.

PS: I haven’t watch to audio2ascii and Natron since a lot of time. But, as i can see, some changes happened in the Natron python API, which i didn’t follow, since last audio2ascii release (8 months ago). That’s why some details in the code can make it no working anymore. But stand alone script to construct ascii curve should work.



On OSX. It was ffplay. With some effort, I compiled ffmpeg but could not get it to build ffplay.


I have no Osx system, but why not install ffmpeg with ‘sudo port install ffmpeg’ as mentioned in the requirements . During my test (8 months ago) on a virtualbox, ffplay worked.


I want to have it as a plugin bundle so that, when I share my project file to another OSX user, I can attach that plugin file. And not also ask them to install dependencies.


The only way to make audio2ascii working is to install some dependencies (an ‘’ is produce in the Osx package), because it use ffplay and sox as external tools so you can attach it (Osx package) to your sends.
You need also to attach the curve file or the audio file, with the well path. Or ask to the receiver to change the files paths in the node properties.
But perhaps i misunderstand your ask.
Is audio2ascii works on your system ?
If it works how had you install it ?


no i didn’t get it to work, audio2ascii. since it must require deps, I will choose to go without it for the present time. but thanks, rcspam.