Adding Z channel to a comp


Hi people,

how do I add a Z channel from an RGB Red channel?
I tried to do this with ZCombine node but the following Shuffle node doesn’t see any Z channel in ZCombine’s output



You should use a shuffle node and create the Z channel inside, then connect your Z image in the B input of the shuffle node…

it’s a kind of short answer, you may need to investigate a bit more, if that doesn’t make sense I’ll see if I can make you a couple of screenshot to help you !


Thanks, Sozap, for pointing out a right direction.
As for the person coming from Fusion, things are rather not obvious for me. I’ve had to refer to the Nuke docs to understand the underlying concept.
I solved this through creating new LAYER for Z inside the Shuffle node.
PS. Here is the relevant Nuke docs btw: